Designing a Bespoke Backgammon Board

Are you looking to design a bespoke backgammon board? You’ve come to the right place, Geoffrey Parker is world-famous for our custom backgammon boards. Not only do they look stunning, but they are also handmade in the UK with the finest craftsmanship.

Designing a Geoffrey Parker bespoke backgammon board can be daunting, with over 28,500 possible colour combinations with our Dauphin calf leather alone it can be challenging to work out where to start. Below we have a small guide of the options available to you. If you’re ever in any doubt or need help designing your custom backgammon boards, please just give us a call.


    Choose from 5 sizes

    Choose from our extensive range of leathers

    Leather, Metal, wood, billiards or exotic

Board Styles

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Full Leather Board

Our full leather board is designed to truly stand out. With the help of the world-famous Backgammon player Paul Magriel, we designed the weighted leather checker. To accompany this, we created a full leather cube to complete our stunning full leather backgammon set.

Leather & Metal

Much like our Full Leather board, our Leather and Metal set can be finished in any of the different leather types.

One of our most popular boards, our Leather and Metal set features our weighted checkers in either gold or silver-gilt alongside our luxury doubling cube.

Leather & Wood

For those who love a more Mediterranean feel to their board. For some, the clack of the dice as they hit the wooden surface is what truly makes a backgammon board for them

Our leather and wooden boards feature the traditional Geoffrey Parker leather attache case with a Mediterranean style inlaid playing surface.

Billiard Cloth

Introducing our Billiard Cloth, for those who love the gaming feel of billiard cloth. This can be sourced in multiple different colours so please always request if you have a specific colour in mind.

Leather Choices

Dauphin Calf Leather

Our Dauphin calf leather is our traditional gaming leather, specially tanned for gaming it is one of our harder wearing leathers. Tobacco and wine stain resistant. This leather is perfect for our professional gamers and social players alike.

Bridle Hide Leather

Our luxury bridle hide; a leather we love, but don’t often use as it can age slightly quicker than our dauphin calf leather. To some, this adds character and grows better with age like a fine wine, to others it doesn’t look as perfect as the day they purchased it and therefore doesn’t have the same appeal.

Luxury backgammon board | Luxury leather backgammon | Geoffrey Parker Backgammon | Bespoke Backgammon | Custom Backgammon

Exotic Leathers

Our final option is our exotic range, this includes Aligator, Watersnake and Ostrich but we also work with other leathers; so, if you have a particular request. Our exotic collection features our professional gaming elements in a board fit for the finest home, yacht or jet.

For backgammon lovers and car enthusiasts alike. Our automotive and carbon fibre leathers are created to give you the perfect automotive feel with the added luxury of our leather playing surface.

We also work with luxury automotive brands to create limited-edition versions of our boards. One of our most popular was our Bentley board, featuring Bentley leather.

Every player has their own preference when it comes to checkers,. Our acrylic checkers offer players more economical options without losing the Geoffrey Parker luxury style. These can be paired with any of our boards, leathers and style to create your dream backgammon board.

Luxury Leather Backgammon set | Luxury Backgammon Set | Acrylic Backgammon Stones | Geoffrey Parker

Board Sizes

Our bespoke backgammon boards come in 5 different sizes, however, if you have bespoke requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our custom backgammon boards also come in tabletop, which features a suede base and is designed to stay open. Or our traditional Attache case, which has a full leather top and bottom and features a full leather hand-stitched handle.

Board Sizes

Luxury Games | Luxury backgammon board | Luxury leather backgammon | Geoffrey Parker Backgammon | Bespoke Backgammon | Custom Backgammon

Bespoke Backammon Sizes

Competition Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 51mm
Board Closed: 650mm x 410mm x 85mm
Board Open: 83omm x 65omm x 48mm.

Tournament Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 44.5mm
Board Closed: 605mm x 375mm x 85mm
Board Open: 760mm x 61omm x 48mm

Challenge Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 38mm
Board Closed: 517mm x 335mm x 85mm
Board Open: 680mm x 520mm x 48mm

Fireside Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 32mm
Board Closed: 415 x 297 x 85mm
Board Open: 610mm x 420mm x 48mm

Compact Travel
Checker Diameter: 25.4mm
Board Closed: 325mm x 228mm x 60mm
Board Open: 460mm x 330mm x 3mm

Bridle Hide Leather

Competition Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 2″
Board Closed: 25.59″ x 16.14″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 32.67″ x 25.59″ x 3.34″

Tournament Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.75″
Board Closed: 23.81″ x 14.76″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 29.92″ x 24.01″ x 1.88″

Challenge Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.49″
Board Closed: 20.35″ x 13.19″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 26.7″ x 20.47″ x 1.88″

Fireside Board Sizes
Checker Diameter: 1.26″
Board Closed: 16.33″ x 11.69″ x 3.34″
Board Open: 24.01″ x 16.53″ x 1.88″

Compact Travel
Checker Diameter: 1″
Board Closed: 12.79″ x 8.97″ x 2.36″
Board Open: 18.11″ x 12.99″ x 0.11″

Contact Us To Design Your Custom Backgammon Boards

All of our bespoke backgammon boards are totally bespoke; they are made to order enabling you to swap and change the features you like most. Our website offerings are just the beginning, for those who want a quick and easy way to place an order.

For more bespoke options, please use the form below. From our wide range of leather colours to special configurations, we like to think almost anything is possible.

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